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Classification Rating 4/4Y - What Does It Mean?

The Millersville Fire Department successfully upgraded a Public Protection Classification Rating of 4/4Y following an inspection in the spring of 2013. Insurance providers are being notified by the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) and the rating is in effective now. The ISO rates departments on a 1-10 scale (1 = Best Pubic Protection, 10 = No Fire Recognized Protection).

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at (615)-859-0880. For questions regarding ISO ratings, please contact ISO at 1-800-888-4476, 1-800-444-4554 or visit their website.

Department Information:

  1. The City of Millersville’s current ISO rating is a split 4/4Y designation. The following definitions may help you determine what classification your property may receive. Your insurance underwriter will make the final determination of what rating they will apply to your home/business and what premiums they charge policyholders.
  • Class 4 - Your home is no more than five road miles from a fire station and there are City-supplied fire hydrants within 1,000 feet of your home.
  • Class 4Y – Your home is within five road miles of a fire station and there are no hydrants but water supply can be provided from an alternate source.

      2. Millersville Fire station locations:

Station 1

1246 Louisville Highway

Millersville, TN 37072

Station 2

7515 Bethel Road

Millersville, TN 37072

      3. The Millersville Fire Department has a standard response to all structure fires which consists of the following:

  • Two fire pumpers each carrying 1,000 gallons of water and 1,250 G.P.M pumps
  • One fire pumper carrying 750 gallons of water and a 1,750 G.P.M pump with foam capabilities. 
  • One 1,800 gallon fire tanker with 500 G.P.M pump, and two portable dump tanks.
  • One rescue with foam capabilities. 

      4. Should additional firefighting equipment or additional water source/supply be necessary, the Fire Department will call for mutual aid from the surrounding departments.

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Fire Department - Station #1
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1246 Louisville Hwy
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Physical Address 
Fire Department - Station #2
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7515 Bethel Rd
Millersville, TN 37072
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