The City of Millersville, Tennessee

The City of Millersville is focused on creating a prosperous future while preserving our history.

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City of Millersville:

Tennessee's Best Kept Secret

Millersville is located in the middle of Tennessee, approximately 20 miles north of Nashville and sits on the boundaries of Sumner and Robertson Counties.

For more information about Millersville’s history and progress, feel free to contact the staff at City Hall. Be sure to also check out our City Newsletter to find out the latest happenings in the City of Millersville.

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TN. Supreme Court Cancels Municipal Court through March 2021

Rescheduled Court Dates

01/07/21 @ 1:00 and 02/04/21 @ 1:00 rescheduled to 04/01/21 @ 1:00pm

02/04/21 @ 2:00 rescheduled to 04/01/21 @ 2:00pm

01/28/21 @ 1:00 and 02/25/21 @ 1:00 rescheduled to 04/22/21 @ 1:00pm

01/28/21 @ 2:00 and 02/25/21 @ 2:00 rescheduled to 04/22/21 @ 2:00pm

Safety School done via Zoom will continue as scheduled.

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