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The City of Millersville is focused on creating a prosperous future while preserving our history.

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For Emergencies, Please Dial 9-1-1

Millersville Fire Department is an “all hazards” department that responds to all types of incidents including fires, automobile accidents, medical emergencies, hazardous materials response, technical rescues and much more.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in being involved in promoting emergency preparedness, fire prevention and a variety of life safety programs.

The Millersville Fire Department is comprised of two full-time members, and a team of paid on call volunteer firefighters.

The City has two Stations:

Station #1

1246 Louisville Hwy.
Millersville, TN 37072

Station #2

7515 Bethel Rd.
Millersville, TN 37072

ISO logoThe Department continually trains all personnel on the latest fire and rescue techniques. Regular trainings are held the first and third Mondays of each month.

The Insurance Services Organization has given the Millersville volunteer Fire Department a Class 4 Rating. This rating has enabled Millersville residents to achieve very significant savings on their fire insurance premiums. Click on the ISO logo for more information.


The City of Millersville Fire Department provides a FIRST RESPONDER PROGRAM as a service to the citizens of the City. When a medical emergency is reported inside the City, Fire Department personnel are sent along with Sumner County Emergency Medical Services to the reported emergency. Because fire personnel are strategically located throughout the city, a fire unit can be on the scene within minutes. This is especially important when a patient is experiencing heart failure or has stopped breathing.

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Physical Address 
Fire Department - Station #1
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1246 Louisville Hwy
Millersville, TN 37072
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Physical Address 
Fire Department - Station #2
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7515 Bethel Rd
Millersville, TN 37072
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