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Types of Permits

A Building Permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved plans and specifications.

Permits are required for the following:

Residential and Commercial Permits

  1. Any building or moving project over 120 square feet - including new buildings and additions to existing structures
  2. Any demolition project over 120 square feet
  3. Interior and exterior alterations, repairs, enlargements of any structure
  4. Retaining walls over four (4) feet in height, measured from the bottom of the footing
  5. Fences over six (6) feet in height
  6. Driveways - Driveway permits are obtained from the Public Works Department (Contact: Frank Wilkerson at (615) 859-0880, extension 114)
  7. Swimming pools over 24 inches deep
  8. Electrical work - state electrical permit required (Contact: State Electrical Inspector at (615) 822-4440)

 Sign Permits

  1. Commercial Signs
  2. Development Signs
  3. Special Event Signs
  4. Temporary Signs other than real-estate signs and yard sale signs
  5. Construction Signs
  6. Auction Signs
  7. Political Signs

 Land Disturbance Permits

  1. Land disturbance activity of one (1) acre or more
  2. Land disturbance activity that is less than one (1) acre, if at the discretion of the of the Administrator such activity poses a unique threat to water, or public health or safety
  3. Land disturbance activity that is less than one (1) acre but is part of a larger development
  4. The creation and use of borrow pits

 Use and Occupancy Permits

  1. Changes in occupancy of structure; such as changing a residential occupancy to a commercial occupancy, or a change from one type of business to another
  2. Prior to occupancy in any newly constructed building (Commercial or Residential)
  3. Prior to use of a swimming pool requiring a pool permit
  4. Prior to use of any addition to an existing structure

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If excavation, moving or construction is begun without the proper permits, the permit fee shall be doubled or twice the original cost of the permit if legal compliance had been obtained.

Septic System Cleaning

  1. Every Person who operates equipment for the purpose of removing digested sludge from septic tanks, cesspools and other sewage disposal installations must register with the Codes Department
  2. PDF version of the Registration Form

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