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In addition to the required inspections, unscheduled inspections may also be performed; be sure to have all permits and plans at the site at all times.

Residential Structures:

Building permits are required for all structures in excess of 120 square feet (10 x 12).

Do not begin the construction of any building or other structure, including accessory structures, to commence the moving, alteration or repair of any structure, or commence the filling of land without a permit.

  1. Pre Construction Inspection - An inspection to check for properly installed silt fences and construction exits. This inspection is to be completed prior to any land disturbance.
  2. Footing Inspection
    1. Footing trench must be dug
    2. Two runs of steel in place
    3. Bulkheads in place
    4. Grade Stakes in place
  3. Framing Inspection
    1. Electrical inspected and approved by the state
    2. Plumbing and HVAC rough-in complete
    3. Framing complete
    4. DO NOT insulate
    5. DO NOT install exterior covering - may install house wrap
    6. Roofing must be complete
  4. Stormwater Stabilization Inspection - An inspection to verify that the site has been stabilized with seed and straw or sod or matting, etc. and that all sediment control measures remain in place (as necessary) and are working properly. Borrow areas must also be stable. This inspection must be completed and approved prior to the final building inspection.
  5. Final inspection
    1. Electrical inspected and approved by state (Approved sticker required)
    2. All utilities connected, working and approved; final sewer inspection must be completed. (Approved sticker required) TWO SEWER INSPECTIONS (Rough-in and Final) MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE FINAL BUILDING INSPECTION.
    3. Final grading completed and site stabilized
    4. Structure 100% complete
    5. DO NOT occupy prior to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Swimming Pool Inspection - Must have required barriers in place and inspected prior to filling with more than two (2) feet of water.
  • Accessory Structure Inspection - Depending on the size and type, a footing, framing and final may be required. For smaller sheds not on a permanent foundation, decks,  porches, etc. a final inspection will be all that is necessary.

To Request an Inspection, Please Call (615) 859-0880.

NOTICE: If the items are not complete when the inspector arrives at your request, a $100.00 Re-inspect Fee may be charged.

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