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The City of Millersville is focused on creating a prosperous future while preserving our history.


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What do I do if my sewer light is on or is flashing?
Call City Hall as soon as you notice the light.
What do I do if my grinder tank is malfunctioning?
If there appears to be a problem with your grinder tank, call City Hall and report the problem.
What do I do if I need to pay my sewer bill?
You have several options.
What do I do if I don’t get my sewer payment in by the due date?
You will need to pay the additional 10% that appears under the Gross Bill section of your Sewer Bill. Caution, late payments may result in disconnection of your water service.
What do I do if my water is disconnected for nonpayment of my sewer bill?
You will need to pay the overdue sewer account plus a $45.00 fee before the water will be turned back on.
How will the Stormwater Utility fee be charged?
The Stormwater Utility fee will be charged on a monthly utility bill. If you are a resident or business within the City, you most likely will already have a utility bill account.
How did the City determine the amount to be charged on my utility bill?
In coordination with an engineering consultancy firm, the City strived to develop a rate structure that was equitable and fair to residents and businesses alike.
Are other municipalities requiring citizens and businesses to pay a Stormwater Utility Fee?
Yes, there are many other local municipalities collecting fees to provide for upgrades of existing infrastructure and development of new infrastructure for stormwater systems.
How can I learn more about the Stormwater Utility Fee?
You can find a more detailed description of the Stormwater Utility Fee by contacting the City of Millersville at (615) 859-0880.
How did this new utility service conme into existence?
The City of Millersville has always provided stormwater utility services to residents and businesses located within the City limits.
How did the City develop its Stormwater Utility Program?
The City of Millersville evaluated the current stormwater system in place to determine improvements and any additional infrastructure needed to adequately manage the runoff associated with stormwater within the next 10 years.
I am cleaning an existing septic system, or other sewage disposal system; do I need a permit?
No, you do not need a permit from the City of Millersville; however, you are required to register with the Codes Department prior to work commensing and furnish records of work completed within our corporate limits.
I have a corner lot; how is my front setback determined?
Corner lots have two front setbacks; road frontage is used to determine the front setbacks.
How do I find out who in the City of Millersville is covered under a TDEC Construction General Permit?
Visit the following link:
I have seasonal merchandise to sale; do I need a permit?
If you have grown seasonal produce on the same parcel where you reside, you will not need a permit; however, all other cases require a Temporary Use Permit.
Who determines whether a water conveyance in the City of Millersville is a stream?
The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation makes that determination as far as Stormwater issues are concerned.
How are building permit fees for Commercial and Industrial uses figured?
Construction costs for Commercial and Industrial Buildings are based on construction type and use using the most current Building Valuation Data from the International Code Council.
How long will my building permit be valid?
Permits expire within six months if work has not begun or if work ceases for six months or longer; if work continues normally from the issuance of the permit it will be good for one year from the date of issuance.
My permit is about to expire and my work is not complete; what do I need to do?
Do not allow the permit to expire; make application for an extension.
My permit has expired; what do I do now?
You will need to make application for an extension; fees may be assessed.
Results 1-21 of 21