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Trash Policies and Procedures

What IS picked up for the regular monthly fee?

  • Bagged household trash that is placed in the city trash container.
  • An occasional overflow of bagged household trash, such as excess from Christmas.
  • Up to two times per year, per house, bulk items, such as a piece of furniture or other large household item that would otherwise not fit into the container. There is a limit, so plan ahead. The total annual bulk limit is 3 cubic yards, or about a medium size pick-up truck load, level with the fenders. Exceeding that limit may result in additional charges or the materials may not be picked up. Depending upon the availability of recycling vendors, white goods (metal appliances) and large metal objects may not be charged against the annual house limit.

The bulk item pick up is designed to help with the disposal of an old TV, chair, that old freezer that stopped working, large toys, or other large items. It is not an invitation to place multiple pieces of furniture at the road or to clean out years of debris from your home and property.

The bulk collection truck is scheduled to be in each area of the city on a monthly basis. However, unusually high volume, equipment service requirements, storm events and other circumstances can cause delays. There can be delay of several weeks. We recommend that you call city hall before placing the items at the road. If a delay is anticipated, you will be advised of the best time to place the work order.

What is NOT picked up for the regular monthly fee?

  • Trash that has not been bagged and placed in the container.
  • Excess trash from cleaning out garages, attics, basements, yards, rental move-out units, etc. is NOT included. This material is not considered bulk item pick up! Much of this material can be bagged and placed in the container throughout the year. Collecting it at one time and piling it at the road for hand pickup is simply cost prohibitive. Trash brought from another location is not permitted.
  • Carpet, construction materials, tires, batteries, car parts, materials generated by a home occupation or business activity, etc. are not included in the monthly service. During the early stages of the program, we tried to include the limited collection of some of these materials. Unfortunately, misunderstandings over what materials would be collected and abuse of the program was leading to higher costs for everyone.
  • Tree limbs and yard debris. Tree chipper/removal service is provided to Millersville residents for the purpose of removing tree limbs from your yard that have blown down in a storm or from minor tree and shrub trimming.  Note: The service is not intended for the removal of limbs and trunks resulting from major pruning of trees and the city will not chip or remove debris cut by landscaping crews.  Tree, yard debris and stump removal businesses are available for major needs.  In fairness to all taxpayers, the city may limit the amount of chipping/removal at a residence, regardless of who cut the limbs.  Removal of fallen trees may be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What is NEVER to be placed in the trash container?

  • Dead animals, body wastes, hot ashes, rocks, construction materials, oil, gasoline, paint, corrosives, batteries, infectious and other hazardous materials.

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