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Business Zoning Classification

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Last modified on 2014-10-09 

The City of Millersville currently has four commercial zoning districts and two Industrial zoning districts. A third industrial zoning district is in the planning stage.

Commercial Districts:

Commercial - 1 is the general commercial district. This districts primary use is retail trade.

  1. Convenience Trade
  2. Building materials, hardware and farm equipment
  3. General merchandise
  4. Business and personal service establishments
  5. Food, eating and drinking
  6. Commercial entertainment and recreation
  7. Apparel and accessories
  8. Public and semi-public uses
  9. Furniture, home furnishings, and equipment
  10. Drug, antiques, books, sporting goods, garden supplies, jewelry, fuel and ice
  11. Hotels, motels and tourist courts
  12. Professional services
  13. Gasoline service stations
  14. Accessory business signs as regulated
  15. Finance, insurance and real estate
  16. Consumer repair services
  17. Printing and publishing establishments
  18. Manufacturing incidental to retail and wholesale business or service establishments where products are sold on the premises by producers
  19. Transportation, communication and utility services
  20. Accessory uses customarily incidental to the permitted use

Commercial - 2 is the planned commercial district. The intent of this district is to provide unified development.

  1. General retail sales and service, business and personal service,a nd convenience sales
  2. Professional and general offices
  3. Gasoline sales only in conjunction with convenience stores
  4. Entertainment and recreational services
  5. Restaurants
  6. Copy and quick printing outlets for the general public
  7. Any other use which, in the opinion of the Board of Zoning Appeals, meets the criteria set forth in the Zoning Ordinance 90-56.

Commercial - 3 is the Interchange and Highway District

  1. Hotels and Motels
  2. Restaurants and taverns
  3. Drive-in restaurants and fast food restaurants
  4. Convenience commercial, including barbershops and beauty shops, drugstores and grocery stores, hardware stores and other similar uses
  5. Essential services for utility substations, distribution and collection lines, pumping facilities and public rights-of-way
  6. Any other use which, in the opinion of the Board of Zoning Appeals, meets the criteria set forth in the Zoning Ordinance 90-56.

Commercial - 4 is considered the Commercial Other District

  1. Mini-warehouses and self storage units
  2. Household goods storage
  3. Racetracks

There are currently two industrial zoning districts

Light Industrial - 1 is primarily a district for light manufacturing and general office buildings

  1. All professional, government and administrative offices
  2. Any office building in conjunction with industrial use
  3. Banks, financial institutions and insurance
  4. Computer and data processing services
  5. Research and development offices
  6. Business college
  7. Conference center
  8. Fitness center
  9. Trade schools
  10. Publishing companies
  11. Retail Trade
  • Convenience stores
  • Business service establishments
  • Transportation, communication and utility services
  • Retail services (Showrooms)

Industrial - 2 is the intermediate impact industrial district

  1. All uses permitted by right in the Light Industrial District
  2. Amusement, athletic, or similar related recreational enterprises
  3. Automobile service stations and vehicle repair facilities
  4. Bus terminals and other public transportation facilities
  5. Manufacture, processing, repair, compounding, packaging, assembly or treatment plants or facilities for equipment, materials or products (excluding those expressly prohibited)
  6. Public utility buildings and services, electric transportation and distribution substations and public utility service centers
  7. Recycling centers with fully enclosed operations

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